Hello all,

Here’s one more post after a loooooong absence. In my defense, I’ve been busy planning for a pretty significant life event and that has been taking up all my hours. But on the bright side, I’ve finally managed to fix the one thing I disliked about my book’s premise. And since that’s done, I believe I will be more motivated to work on my novel. Plus, there might be more free time in my future, depending on how things go. Thanks COVID.

Anyways, since I am low on muse tonight, here’s a blog post on things you (and I) should definitely do more of – assuming you don’t already do them. Everything should be done in moderation, yes?


Sounds cliche and stupid but you know what? I’ve lost a couple of kilograms by just implementing this in my daily routine! Since I drink more water, I need less food. This leads to less calories. Plus, I also read from a couple of online resources that drinking water increases your metabolism. Since this is far easier than adding 1 more day to your weekly exercise routine, why not try this as a way to lose more weight?

Another reason why I do this is also because up until recently, I had the bad habit of not drinking enough water. I wouldn’t want this to impact my health down the road sooooo….yeah.


Like every other modern individual, I am hooked on my phone. While I am not obsessed with posting details of my life on social media, I do have the tendency to scroll endlessly on more than one social media platform. In the end, I accomplish nothing besides making my mind messier than it already is. I’ve noticed it contributes to my anxiety because I am constantly looking at what’s out there. It distracts me from what’s within.

So, instead of crawling through the net, I think I should go back to my old hobby of reading books (Note to self: Reddit is not a book). That’ll actually be helpful for my novel and will probably also help me sleep better at night. The next question is then of course, which book?


In many areas of my life, including work, I have a bad habit of simply charging into the matter at hand. While this enables me to be fairly efficient, I often miss out on something glaringly obvious or mess up the activity. If I could just remind myself to consider all the options before committing to one, then I would surely end up becoming even more efficient and productive.

As I have managed to catch myself before charging in on a few occasions now, the quality of my work has gotten better. As for my personal life, I think I face less issues with things breaking down (lol). Seeing such positive results enables me to inculcate such good habits faster. 👍

And that’s all for now! Until next time!

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